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Econverse 2023 30 maja - 2 czerwca
🗺️ Google Campus Warsaw

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Agenda Wielkiego Finału

Otwarcie Finału, przywitanie Gości
Pitch Contest 1/2
Przerwa kawowa, networking
Pitch Contest 2/2
Lunch, networking, Narada Jury
AI w Edukacji — panel dyskusyjny
Waldek Olbryk: Zeroemisyjne Wydarzenia + Coffideas #1
Econverse Talk: Marek Zmysłowski
Coffideas #2
Econverse Talk: Piotr Nowosielski
Przerwa kawowa, Networking
Zakończenie, ogłoszenie zwycięskich drużyn, wręczenie nagród

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What will you gain from Econverse?

Skills of the future
Mentoring of top Polish brands
25 thousand PLN in prizes
Key relationships
Learning in a gamified scenario
Applications open
March 30
Launch of the Econverse Card 3.0
April 2
Early Bird round closes
April 16
Applications close
April 30
Startup School I
May 13
Startup School II
Date to come soon
Startup School III
Date to come soon
Day Zero
May 30
Day 1
May 31
Day 2
June 1
Day 3
June 2

What is Econverse?

Want to turn the dream of your own business into reality? Lacking expertise, mentors, and skills? Econverse comes to the rescue.

More than half of Polish students dream of opening their own business in the future while lacking the hands-on knowledge of how to get started. At the same time, according to research by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, as many as 46% of Poles choose not to launch a business out of fear of failure, which slows down the development of Polish startups, but also key skills in young people.

Econverse will allow you to create and refine your idea from A to Z.


To participate in our event, you don't need to know anyone or pay anything. All you have to do is choose an industry, Econtest personality type and apply.

Qualified participants will form 20 teams in five business sectors, as well as participate in the Startup School program, preceding the event in Warsaw. During the workshop, you will have a chance to refine your idea, working with mentors, as well as well-known brands like Allegro, Huge Thing and Pracuj VC. At the same time, after earlier Teambuidling, you will develop your idea with a team, as well as Mentors tailored to your needs, from OCTF, BLIK, and Google, among others.
Econverse sectors 2023
Nazwa sektora / opis
Opiekun sektora


Nowadays, every saved minute becomes priceless. Create your business idea using the opportunities that e-commerce opens up for you.
VP of Marketing

Floyd Miles

VP of Marketing

Bardzodługie imię Nazwisko


A modern and innovative business should part of the fight against climate change. Sustainability is the trend of the future!
VP of Marketing

Floyd Miles

VP of Marketing

Bardzodługie imię Nazwisko


The media industry is constantly changing and evolving. This sector is full of various trends, such as gaming, streaming and privacy and security.
VP of Marketing

Floyd Miles

VP of Marketing

Bardzodługie imię Nazwisko


Financial Technology is definitely one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. It uses modern technologies and innovations in the financial services industry.
VP of Marketing

Floyd Miles

VP of Marketing

Bardzodługie imię Nazwisko

Sponsor Sektora

Future of work and education

Edtech is a relatively young industry. It is a digital space that allows the use of computer techniques for the purpose of human learning and development. Due to the digital revolution and the wide access of users around the world to the Internet, this field is experiencing constant development.
VP of Marketing

Floyd Miles

VP of Marketing

Bardzodługie imię Nazwisko

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Special guests

Piotr Nowosielski

CEO Just Join IT

Marek Zmysłowski

Founder Samana Group

Jury i mentorzy

53% of Polish teenagers dream of starting their own business, but don't know where to start.

Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Econverse 2023 responds to deficiencies in Polish business education.

Take advantage of the opportunity to work closely with renowned people from the business world who will take on the role of your Mentors!

Our values

Our values reflect Econverse’s mission. We are here for you.
We offer help in development for the most talented Polish teens, connecting them with outstanding people for the business world. By providing essential skill, we help to transform ideas into startups and innovative projects
High school student are in need of practical knowledge and skills. Econverse equips them with key expertise and connects them with renowned businessman.
Wide network of contacts is an essential value. By joining Econverse, you'll meet your peers and establish key and long-term relationships.
Equal opportunities
We believe that modern business education should be available for everyone. Participation in Econverse is free of charge.

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