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You can read about the successes of the winners of previous Econverse editions here.
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Paths of Econverse Fuse

This spring we have prepared for you a new scheme for you.
Choose one of the paths and apply!
1 Econverse 2024 business sectors
A dynamic sector designed to adapt the created product to the customer’s lifestyle
Nowadays, every saved minute becomes priceless. Create your business idea using the opportunities that e-commerce opens up for you.
Future of Work and Education
Future of Work and Education is a relatively young industry. It is a digital space that allows the use of computer techniques for the purpose of learning and human development. Due to the digital revolution and the widespread access of users around the world to the Internet, this field is experiencing continuous development
Industry 4.0
Also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a concept assuming highlighting the transformation of enterprises in terms of increasing the share of digitalization in their functioning
Startups for Ukraine
Resolve three key challenges facing our eastern neighbor: access to education, financial products and energy security

2 Econverse Shark Tank

Applications open until May 31st!

Have you participated in one of the previous editions of Econverse or are you independently developing your own idea?

The time has come to go to the next level.
Present your business idea, future plans, and team. The best applications will be selected during remote eliminations. The winners will present at PGE Narodowy in front of a jury consisting of business angels and compete for funding to develop their projects. 
Rule:The Shark Tank program is dedicated to individuals with their own detailed business projects. We will get in touch with you soon.

3 Challenge Orange Polska

Applications are closed!

As part of the classic Econverse path, you can apply to Orange Poland's special challenge.
Familiarize yourself with the 3 tasks and apply! After evaluating your application, we will form your team and then you will choose your challenge together. 
1. Application to assess LLMs
Large Language Models, or Large Language Models (such as. ChatGPT and LLama) have revolutionized many business areas in recent months.

With the growing number of models available on the market, including open-source ones, we are increasingly asking: how can we evaluate their effectiveness in different applications? What features should a virtual assistant have in order for its use to be truly effective? What elements are key to be able to say that the text translation is sufficiently personalized?

Together with your team, evaluate how well a particular model performs in a specific task. 

Your goal is to create an application that will allow you to compare different commercially available LLMs for specific tasks.
2. smart assistant to the salesman 
The job of a salesman who works in the field with business customers is to properly understand needs and act quickly. Building a relationship with the customer is crucial. 

The world is speeding up, and people have less and less time to do things like plan their day, prepare a quote, take a note, check the services they have.
In counter comes phones, speech recognition, LLMs and cloud and other technology solutions, and lots of data. 

Imagine that you are a salesman working in the field, whose goal is to acquire new and take care of existing customers. We want to create an intelligent assistant (mobile application). What do you need in this application to better achieve your goals? What will help you collaborate with the customer, and what will help you plan your own work?
3. Identification of devices connected to Wi-Fi
Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine life without good quality Internet.

Imagine that a previously unknown device has been connected to your router/modem. Are you able to determine:
- Type of device (laptop, computer, phone, TV, speaker)
- The model of the device?
Develop a solution to predict the type and model of devices connected to the wi-fi network. 

If you encounter any challenges that are difficult to jump over - describe them with recommendations for solutions. The solution should be prepared to be implemented in a mobile application, and the phone should be the only tool the user uses.

4 Challenge Scope Fluidics

Aplikacje otwarte do 14 maja!

Scope Fluidics S.A. to spółka biotechnologiczna, zajmująca się opracowywaniem i rozwojem
innowacyjnych projektów w oparciu o technologie mikroprzepływowe w obszarze diagnostyki
medycznej i ochrony zdrowia.
Familiarize yourself with the 3 tasks and apply! After evaluating your application, we will form your team and then you will choose your challenge together. 
1. Personalized and Precision Health
The Personalized and Precision Health sector focuses on tailoring medical interventions and health care to individual patient characteristics. It uses genetic data, biomarkers, and lifestyle and environmental information to provide more effective and less invasive care. The goal is to increase the effectiveness of treatment and minimize side effects, leading to better health outcomes.
2. Digital and Remote Health Technologies
This sector includes the development and implementation of remote diagnostic, monitoring and healthcare management technologies. Technologies such as mobile apps, wearable devices, telemedicine and smart health systems enable patients to manage their own health and receive care in their home environment. This enables continuous care, increased availability of services and reduced health costs.

3. Innovative Therapies and Technologies for Longevity and Systemic Health

The sector focuses on developing novel therapies and technologies to extend life and improve systemic health. This includes tackling chronic diseases as well as managing the aging process. Innovations can include advanced biotechnology methods, new pharmaceuticals and regenerative therapies that promote longevity and improve quality of life at various stages of human life.

What's Econverse Fuse?

Want to turn the dream of your own business into reality? Lacking expertise, mentors, and skills? Econverse comes to the rescue.

More than half of Polish students dream of opening their own business in the future while lacking the hands-on knowledge of how to get started. At the same time, according to research by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, as many as 46% of Poles choose not to launch a business out of fear of failure, which slows down the development of Polish startups, but also key skills in young people.

Econverse will allow you to create and refine your idea from A to Z.


Qualified participants in their business paths will take part in the Startup School program, preceding the event in Warsaw. 

During the workshop you will have a chance to refine your idea, working with mentors, as well as well-known brands. 

At the same time, you will develop your idea with a team, and Mentors tailored to your needs, after Teambuilding beforehand.


Applications open
Early Bird application round 
Early bird results


Applications close
Results of applications
7 - 8.05
Startup School to be launched
Terminy dostępne wkrótce


Day I at Google for Startups Campus Warsaw
Day II at Google for Startups Campus Warsaw
The Grand Finale of Econverse FUSE at PGE Narodowy


Econverse Fuse


Jury & Mentors 
of Econverse Fuse

We hosted
during previous events:

53% of Polish teenagers dream of starting their own business, but don't know where to start.

Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Econverse Fuse responds to shortcomings in Polish business education. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to work closely with renowned people from the business world who will take on the role of your Mentors!

Our values

Our values reflect Econverse’s mission. We are here for you.
We offer help in development for the most talented Polish teens, connecting them with outstanding people for the business world. By providing essential skill, we help to transform ideas into startups and innovative projects
High school student are in need of practical knowledge and skills. Econverse equips them with key expertise and connects them with renowned businessman.
Wide network of contacts is an essential value. By joining Econverse, you'll meet your peers and establish key and long-term relationships.
Equal opportunities
We believe that modern business education should be available for everyone. Participation in Econverse is free of charge.


Econverse fuse

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