Contest night

Pitch Contest Night is a competition within Econverse 2023, in which spontaneous pitches are judged. The contestant has a certain amount of time to prepare the topic. Both the presentation time and the preparation time decrease in subsequent stages

How are the winners selected?

At each stage, two participants pitch on the same topic
The winner is determined by the Jury and the audience
During the pitch, the participant may be given an additional task

Pitch Contest tasks examples

Task 1.

You are the founder of a start-up called VoicePay, which deals with authorization of payments by voice. You don't need a card to pay, you just speak a specific sentence to a special terminal and it authorizes it for you.
How will your start-up solve this problem?

Task 2.

In 2024 the first tourist trip to Mars will take place. Unfortunately, the spaceflight company allows each participant of the expedition to take only one liter of water. The trip will last 8 months.
How will your start-up solve this problem?


The benefits of Pitch Contest Night

Don't wait. Apply and step into the shoes of a real startup founder. We are waiting for you!
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Sporty competition
The art of dynamic self-presentation
The ability to behave in a spontaneous situations
Creative training

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Econverse 2023

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